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Vintage Hot Rods cover - Art Print

Vintage Hot Rods cover - Art Print

This is a high resolution reproduction of a vintage 'Hot Rods & Racings Cars' cover - issue 71, originally produced in 1964, featuring a Corvette Stingray and a Saab 96 ice racing.

The print looks great, very sharp and vibrant and printed on quality 200gsm paper.
Printed at 11" x 17" (297mm x 420mm), but can be printed at any size - email us for a quote.

Tom Donney from the Saab Heritage Car Museum USA requested a 10ft tall version for the museum, we were only too happy to oblige!

This is a high resolution scan of the original cover, it is printed on good quality paper. The printing is sharp and vibrant.


Please note, this print is sent as a printed poster and the frame is not included. Shipped in a cardboard tube. Please allow 5 days for shipping.

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